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DEXA Scanning

What is DEXA scanning?

DEXA scanning uses a very low X-Ray technique to measure bone density and is the gold standard for diagnosis of osteoporosis. We all develop osteoporosis if we live long enough but some people are at risk of developing osteoporosis with a low bone density at an early age.  There are a number of risk factors including a family history, an early menopause for women, long-term steroid use for everybody, etc.

How we can help

We have a new state of the art DEXA scanner and are able to scan patients who have a referral from their clinician and are wishing to fund their own DEXA scan.

What are the benefits of a DEXA scan?

DEXA is an effective and accurate test that is designed to measure normal bone and produces numbers as a measure of density of bones. DEXA scans can measure the mineral content in your bones, which can’t be measured as accurately in an ordinary X-Ray.

It is advantageous for clinicians to monitor your bone density if necessary and assess the effectiveness of treatment for low bone mineral density. Unlike ordinary X-Rays, DEXA scans can measure reduction in bone density which makes it possible to diagnose low bone mass/osteoporosis before you break a bone.

How do I book a DEXA Scan?

To undergo a DEXA scan, you must have a referral letter from a clinician (such as a Consultant, GP, Physiotherapist or other registered healthcare professional).

This Clinician will have an understanding of your symptoms or condition, and has decided a DEXA scan is the best option for you in order to diagnose or assess your condition.

Is a DEXA scan painful?

We will do our best to ensure your comfort during the scan, however as you will be lying flat, some people may experience discomfort due to this position. You will feel no pain as a direct result of the scan.