Heath Lodge Ducklings update

An update on the ducklings born in the Heath Lodge Clinic grounds in April.
They have settled well into their new home in the Cotswolds and we are informed that they are all doing very well.

They have been named Apollo, Zeus, Tic and Toc, and have all grown rather big and are having their third day getting up and spending their time with the local mallard family (mummy, daddy and 12 ducklings).

Melinda, the lovely lady who has rehomed them informs us that: “They like to pop back at about 9pm for an evening night cap and snack before taking themselves off to bed in the coup. There are 3 drakes and 1 girl. This assessment has been made because we have one clear quacking duck (the most positive sign of a girl) and the other three are sporting rather lovely greenish tinges to their heads and some very colourful blue feathers on their wings.”

Thank you Melinda for the updates. For pictures see: https://www.facebook.com/HeathLodgeClinic/