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MRI Scan Birmingham

The1.5T MRI scanner at Heath Lodge Clinic The 3T scanner at Heath Lodge Clinic

What is MRI?

MR (magnetic resonance) scanning uses a magnet and some radio waves in order to get pictures.  It gives much better soft-tissue detail than X-Rays or even CT scanning, and is the investigation of choice for most head, spine and joint (musculoskeletal) problems.

The quality of images that MRI scanners produce vary due to the strength of their magnets which are measured in units known as Teslas (T).
What is the difference between a 1.5T MRI scan and a 3T MRI scan?
Most people can understand the different quality of photo images that can be produced from the camera on their smartphone, etc, which are measured in “pixels”.
The same principle can be applied to MRI scanners, where the images are measured in Teslas, so the higher the “Tesla”, the higher the image quality.
Our MRI scanners range from 1.5T- field strength, to 3T which is regarded as the gold standard for certain diagnostic investigations. We now have two 3T MRI scanners at Heath Lodge Clinic.

The main advantage of a 3T scanner over a 1.5T scanner, is the higher strength of the magnetic field, which gives a higher resolution signal return from the person who is undergoing the scan, resulting in a better image quality for part of the anatomy being scanned.

3T scanning may take longer and our 1.5T scanner is particularly wide bore, fast and often more suitable for claustrophobic and bariatric patients.

As the image quality of an MRI depends on signal and field strength, having a higher signal strength allows a 3T MRI to offer a superior image quality.

Our MRI scan in Birmingham offers a safe scanning option as no radiation is used.

The scanner of choice for any individual patient will depend upon the clinical investigation being carried out.
It is the
Consultant Radiologist who has the final decision based on their clinical opinion.

The new 3T Vida MRI scanner