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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service Provision – Self-Funding Patients

  • To process and carry out a clinical investigation at the request of the referring clinician and/or health care professional.
  • To carry out the investigation based on the clinical detail provided by the referrer
  • To review and assess the corresponding diagnostic images and provide two copies of the technical report direct to the original referrer in response to their imaging request.

(NB Patients can obtain a copy of the report via their original referrer).

  • To provide copy images on PC compatible disc (x1) where appropriate.

(NB Additional copies are chargeable).

  • Charges relate to booked time on the MR scanner, post scan analysis of the images, compiling the written technical report and copy images on PC compatible disc (x1).

NB Any charge(s) are exclusive of any post investigation consultation unless explicitly stated.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Obligations:

  1. We will forward the technical report to the original referrer only
  2. Due to the sensitive personal nature detailed in the technical reports we do not send scanned copies of reports direct to unverified and/or unsecure email addresses.
  3. All referral details, report and images are stored in accredited secure storage and only accessed by authorised personnel.
  4. Once received the safe keeping of all copy images on PC compatible disc become the patient’s responsibility.

All technical equipment is subject to regular servicing and upgrade programmes where appropriate.



  1. Self-Funding: payment falls due on the day of any appointment and is available to those patients who are not claiming back the cost of any investigation from any 3rd party i.e. Private Health Insurance company/Solicitor or Employer. A receipt for monies paid will be issued for personal accounting purposes only and no further copy or amended copies will be issued.


  1. *Private Health Insurance: the cost of any investigation is being covered by the individual provider. Any policy excess remains the responsibility of the patient and they will receive an invoice requesting payment of any shortfall and/or policy excess.


  1. Third Parties: the cost is covered by the NHS/ Solicitor/Employer or cash back scheme


*Private Health Insurance: Please read the following carefully:

Insurers require the patient to contact their provider in advance of any appointment to secure an authorisation code. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they have this relevant authority in place before proceeding with any investigation.


We require confirmation from the patient of the insurance company, policy number and authorisation code. All invoices are forwarded direct to the insurance provider in line with the providers terms and conditions and any queries in relation to payments should be directed to the insurance company concerned. (Policy shortfalls/excesses will remain the patient’s responsibility and CMC will invoice the member direct for the outstanding balance due).


NBCMC will not accept responsibility and/or be held accountable for any retrospective claim a patient may choose to submit to an insurance provider in respect of the monies paid on a self-funding basis neither will CMC Imaging Services Ltd discuss any aspect of the payments made with any 3rd party.