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Heath Lodge Clinic also receives patient reviews via the NHS Choices website. To read some further patient reviews and testimonials, please click here.

Here at Heath Lodge Clinic we aim to deliver the best experience possible for all of our patients, and we are proud with all of the patient and clinical referrer compliments that we receive. Below are some of our testimonials from some of our patients and clinical referrers

"I would not hesitate to recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to my family & friends "

MRI patient. April 2024

"Excellent service and very professional. "

Pain management patient. April 2024

"Excellent. Thanks"

Jonathan. Pain Management Patient

"All very good. Polite and helpful staff. "

Mr Pickrell. April 2024

"I am an autistic adult and having tried another (old) MRI scanner, couldn't proceed with it due to claustrophobia and panic. The scanner at Heath Lodge is a wide-bore scanner and also very short (just over 4ft long - so looks more like a doughnut than a tunnel!). The staff take the time to explain every part of the process to you and to ensure everyone is familiar with what the issues are and what the scan is for. They give you a buzzer to hold that you can press at any point during the scan for assistance, and they can talk to you through the headphones they give you to wear. I specifically asked to be given timing updates (e.g. I was told the first part was 2 minutes long, so I kept still and counted the seconds in my head: 1000, 2000, 3000..., then the next part was 3 minutes long etc), which stopped me ruminating and was slightly meditative. I was also surprised at how quickly it went, as when I pre-rang to ask (a lot) of questions I was told it would be approx. 50 minutes, and it was only 15 minutes! - for two areas: lumbar and sacroiliac areas. For this area I was also able to go feet-first, so my head outside of the scanner itself. They do move you a few inches on occasion during the scan to better line you up, which I wasn't pre-warned about, but it was fine. Didn't feel clinical and threatening at all; very homely place and staff were friendly and sympathetic. My mum was able to come into the scanning room with me. I was so relaxed that I even started to find the MRI scanner's noises mildly amusing, as I don't think a single one sounded the same - so I occupied myself with waiting to hear the next round of scanning to see what noises were coming next. The noises, although loud, weren't scary; more like standing next to a building site using a pneumatic drill (but you have earplugs and headphones on). There was even a funny moment when the radiologist asked me through the headphones if I was ok, but I didn't respond (I wasn't sure if they wanted a thumbs-up, or could hear me if I spoke) - so the assistant came out to physically speak to me and I told her I'd been advised not to move, so she relayed back that I was just doing what I'd been told, and we all laughed. I will never fear having another MRI scan if needed, if it's at Heath Lodge."

Natalie. MRI patient April 2024

"I have been having pain management treatment at Heath Lodge Clinic for around six months. Each time I've attended the staff have been excellent. They put you at ease the minute you walk in. The medical staff are undeniably brilliant. They explained each procedure step-by-step. The aftercare is exceptional, making sure I was comfortable and happy. I'd definitely recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to friends and family if they were ever to require Pain Management. "

T.Waite Pain Management patient


Pain management patient. April 2024

"I had a procedure today with Prof Ishaque and I wanted to email to express my thanks to the whole team. I am a nervous patient and they were very kind. I would like to say a special big thank you to the male nurse with a beard who was in the room and really was lovely , he did tell me his name but I can't remember it ! "

AH. Pain Management patient April 2024


Pain management patient. April 2024

"The experience was very positive, the staff were attentive, helpful and very professional. The consultants were as you would expect, knowledgeable and confident in their skill areas which in turn made me confident about the procedure. Many thanks for the professionalism. "

Pain Management Patient. March 2024

"Excellent, professional service with very positive communication skills, 11 out of 10 ! "

MRI patient March 2024

"Brought my son in today and the staff were friendly and great with him!"

Mr Martin. MRI Patient

"Very good service. Pleasant and friendly staff and everything explained fully throughout the procedure. I would definitely recommend Heath Lodge to anyone needing a MRI scan."

Mrs Roberts, Solihull

"Lovely Radiographer, very helpful and informative. "

X-Ray patient. March 2024

"Very pleasant and felt at ease. I would absolutely recommend Heath lodge, the staff and the procedure. "

Pain Management patient March 2024

"Could not be happier with the service, care and professionalism of all staff at the Heath Lodge. "

Mr Schulp. March 2024

"Lovely team, very professional and with a caring bedside manner,. Thank you "

MRI patient. March 2024

"Thank you all. Very professional, kind and caring. "

Pain Management patient: March 2024

"Excellent service. Matthew was great. "

Mr Harvey. March 2024

"I would highly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to anyone looking for pain management treatment. The staff are so friendly, welcoming and go out of their way to put you at ease. The whole process was not only quicker than another clinic but also almost half the price, for the same treatment by the same consultant. Excellent care and service. "

Mr N.McCoy. Pain Management patient

"Lovely staff, clear explanations of procedures. "

MRI patient. February 2024

"I can’t fault the service and care you provide at Heath Lodge- I would not go to anyone else ever- I trust you all immensely and will be forever grateful. The quality of life after I visit you really is like I am a new woman. If I could have one selfish request it is that you become located closer to me but I am more than happy travelling to you and the team. Thanks again for your work, support and aftercare. I think you are all wonderful people who I will be forever in debt to. "

Pain Management patient. February 2024

"All perfect- thank you I was just grateful for everyone’s support that day. "

Helen. Pain Management Patient

"Very efficient friendly staff and good customer service. I am a returning customer. "

MRI patient February 2024

"This is the third time I have attended for a procedure and every time I have been treated very well"

Mr Wootton. Pain Management patient

"everything explained great set- up"

Mr I.Broad. MRI patient.


Pain Management patient. Ms M.B. February 2024

"Was made to feel very safe as I was very nervous. Mandy explained everything and was very caring. Excellent service. "

P.Morris. MRI patient

"Thank you for the service that you offer, I was terrified of having my MRI scan and your service and kindness really helped."

MRI patient February 2024


Pain management patient. February 2024

"Very professional team. Friendly and excellent service. Nothing is too much trouble to ask. Everything was explained and as you are in pain at time of appointments, staff are aware and consider this factor. My MRI scan results came back with a full written report with a CD of clear images to keep. Very impressed with quick service. This place was recommended to me by my physiotherapist and I accepted to pay to attend as the visit was more reasonable than I had been told comparing with other places more local to me. So easy to find the Clinic with free parking. Beautiful building, very clean in all areas I visited. On day of treatment I was greeted and made to feel welcomed and relaxed. All was private and well explained. Treatment started with all clinical staff introducing themselves and put me at ease. Procedure was explained throughout and aftercare was explained and well looked after. Consultant came to see you after resting to check on you before leaving to go through aftercare and answer any further questions. I did not feel rushed at anyone time. I would definitely recommend Health lodge for their professional and friendly staff. Easy to find and very clean environment "

MRI & Pain Management patient. January 2024

"A wonderful place and a fantastic team! Thank you for looking after me so well and for making the procedure feel so relaxed. You are all brilliant :)"

Pain Management patient. January 2024

"Quite outstanding service, extremely attentive. "

Pain Management patient. January 2024

"I've visited Heath Lodge clinic various times for MRI scans on injuries sustained. Each time I've been the building is immaculate, the staff are politeful and the timings are excellent. You get a report back also with findings / recommendations which is very useful if you need to see other health professionals/consultants. I would recommend anyone to use Heath Lodge if they require a scan."

MRI patient, January 2024

"Thank you so much. It was so relaxed and I had no need to worry"

MRI patient, January 2024

"First class service"

Pain Management patient. January 2024

"Matthew instils confidence and adds to relaxation. I was treated with friendliness and respect throughout. The procedures were clearly explained to me. I felt well looked after."

Pain Management patient. January 2024

"The whole thing has been very pleasant. 10 out of 10"

MRI patient. January 2024

"Excellent thank you"

Pain Management patient. January 2024

"I had a spinal injection at Heath Lodge Clinic. The medical staff were lovely and very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble for them. All the care I received before and after the procedure was excellent. I would definitely recommend this Clinic to anyone."

T.Stanley. Pain Management Patient

"I found the service at Heath Lodge to be very helpful and professional. The staff were very kind and friendly. I will recommend it to anyone needing a scan or X-Ray"

X-Ray patient December 2023

"Dr Duncan and all the staff were so professional and put me at ease. "

Pain Management patient December 2023

"All the nursing and theatre team were excellent. Very attentive and kind. Happy to recommend Heath Lodge Clinic for treatments."

Ms M.May. Pain Management Patient

"Excellent. "

Pain Management patient December 2023

"Another pleasant visit. Made to feel very welcome and put my nerves at ease. All staff here are wonderful. I've been very happy with Heath Lodge Clinic. Excellent communication, friendly staff, and everyone makes you feel welcome and at ease. Would 100% recommend to anyone. "

Pain Management Patient December 2023

"Very personable staff. I’m delighted with the prompt and fully detailed report sent to my physio, and the recommendations. I would recommend heath lodge 100% "

MRI Patient December 2023

"Excellent :)"

MRI Patient December 2023

"I had a sedated MRI scan with you on the 30th November. May I say that for someone fearful of the scanner, I was put at ease by your staff and treated with understanding and kindness, that together with the sedative made the scan a tolerable experience for which I am grateful. May I wish you all a Happy Christmas "

Claustrophobic MRI Patient

"The Medical Team and Administration Staff were very courteous and professional at all times, putting me at my ease before and after the procedures. "

Pain Management patient. November 2023

"Dr Duncan is the most pleasant Consultant with a kind manner and helps put patients at ease. Both Christinas were wonderful too. Thank you!"

Pain Management patient. November 2023

"As always the excellent service, efficiency and courtesy of all the staff never fails."

X-Ray patient December 2023

"All Excellent"

X-Ray patient. December 2023

"Very helpful staff and very professional"

GM. MRI patient


Pain management patient. November 2023

"Cannot improve on perfect. "

Ms Brumwell. Pain Management patient

"What lovely friendly staff, put me at ease, thank you very much"

M.Robinson. MRI patient

"A1 Service, from the ease of booking, all the way through the process, everyone involved were polite and professional"

Mr K.Love. X-Ray patient

"Thank you to all the staff"

Pain Management Patient November 2023

"Very good and attentive"

M.Hayward. MRI patient

"Nurses very helpful and comforting... all the best to you and the team, and once again many thanks. yours sincerely, "

MRI patient. November 2023

"The whole procedure and experience was re-assuring, attentive and helpful. Excellent. "

Pain Management Patient. November 2023

"Matthew the Radiographer was lovely and offered me a 1st class service- he helped me understand my foot issues. 10/10"

X-Ray patient.

"Always exemplary care from everyone. Radiographer so great."

X-Ray patient October 2023

"Excellent service from booking my appointment to having my X-ray & reports after Thank you J. Barlow "

X-Ray patient. J.Barlow

"All Excellent "

Ms. L. Round. Nerve root block injection

"In the treatment room everyone was really good, explaining everything, kind and gentle. "

Pain Management patient 19.10.2023

"My visit went very smoothly and it was appreciated that all staff were very helpful and pleasant, giving confidence. I would recommend Heath Lodge to anyone wanting Pain Relief. "

Pain Management patient. October 2023

"Scans are never easy but here the atmosphere is quiet with lovely staff and clean environment with free coffee and drinks! Could do with better signage outside and couldn't hear radio being played. Very caring staff. "

MRI Patient October 2023

"All excellent!"

MRI Patient

"Friendly staff, good explanation and communication. Like many people I was nervous as I am claustrophobic but was not an issue with my scan as my head and face was not inside the machine. Any concern was therefore unfounded and I am sure others worry needlessly."

Claustrophobic MRI patient

"Excellent :)"

MRI patient. October 2023

"When I was advised to have an MRI scan I was happy to book an appointment at Heath Lodge having attended for scanning in the past. The appointment was quick to come through and the procedure was done very professionally. Although only a short time had passed since referral the staff took time to go over the symptoms being investigated and explained every step of the procedure and what to expect; they were reassuring throughout. A detailed report was sent to my referrer within the time frame advised. I would thoroughly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to anyone needing an MRI scan."

Susan Exon. MRI Patient

"Excellent. "

Ms H.I. Pain Management patient.

"Matthew was very professional. Courteous and helpful explaining the procedure in a friendly and welcoming manner. "

X-Ray patient, September 2023

"Quick, efficient and courteous service. "

MRI patient. September 2023

"Excellent all round. I found the staff friendly and informative. The Centre is housed in a beautiful building which was clean and comfortable. "

X-Ray patient. September 2023

"Claire was absolutely wonderful. I was very anxious but she was very patient. My experience with you has totally changed how I feel about having an MRI. I was extremely anxious before hand due to having had a previous bad experience (elsewhere). However, thanks to your team’s kindness and patience, I would feel very comfortable coming back to you should I ever need another scan. Thank you all so much. "

Anxious MRI patient

"On arrival met by the Dr, went straight into cubical where I was asked to prepare for my injection. Asked various questions, completed form and signed. Blood pressure taken and then went into Theatre, again well looked after by nurse and staff. After injections was wheeled back to the cubical given a cup of coffee and nurses came in regularly to note my progress. As luck has it I was allowed home after 1 hour. All good. "

Pain Management patient

"Procedure flew by. The attention to detail I received on my visit would definitely recommend Heath Lodge Clinic for any further treatment."

MRI patient September 2023

"I was treated with friendliness and respect throughout. The procedures were clearly explained to me. I felt well looked after. "

Pain management patient. September 2023


Pain Management Patient.

"Quick, efficient and courteous service."

MRI patient September 2023

"5 Star *"

MRI patient September 2023

"I visited Heath lodge today I am someone who suffers from anxiety and claustrophobia the staff were amazing I was taken to a room with a member of staff who went through some safety questions I was reassured and shown an image of the MRI scan, I was taken to the lockers to put away my stuff. I was then taken to the MRI room again such amazing staff reassured me told me what would happen and if at any point I didn't feel comfortable they would take me out of the machine, I was given a headset where a member of staff stayed with me checked on me and reassured me all the way which kept me calm and made me feel like I was on good hands.. I would like to thank the staff at Heath lodge for such an amazing service. Oh and not forgetting the hot chocolate from the hot drinks machine beautiful! "

S.Begum. Claustrophobic MRI patient

"I have used Heath Lodge Clinic for various services over the last 11 years. The service is always courteous, prompt and thorough, I would certainly recommend."

Pain management patient. August 2023

"Very efficient. Pleasant experience. V. Nice Radiologists and I would definitely recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to other patients. "

Alex. MRI Patient

"All the team in and out of the Theatre were all fantastic. Relaxed atmosphere. Happy to recommend Heath Lodge Clinic for treatments."

M. May. Pain Management Patient

"I would surely recommend heath lodge clinic to others for scans. The staff is well trained and very friendly. Special thanks to the lady on the reception who accommodated me quickly even though I was running late for the appointment."

N. Acharya

"I do support and advocate the outstanding services provided by the clinic and would recommend the establishment to anyone seeking help for their particular ailment. I found the whole experience to be individual and personal. A pleasant, calming, journey into the unknown, and in my case, total relief from excruciating twenty four hour, seven days a week pain. My ‘recovery’ was without incident and can only be classified as remarkable. I will, I suspect, see you again in due course for my final procedure in this connection and will approach it with complete confidence. Kindest and best wishes to you all. Pat Taylor xxx "

Mrs Taylor. Pain Management Patient, August 2023

"Third visit in 6 weeks. Always looked after very well, professional and courteous at all times. "

Mr A.Chappell. August 2023

"Chrissy in the procedure room was amazing, looked after me whilst I was in pain. All the other staff were amazing and friendly too. "

Mr Moore. Pain management patient

"From the first engagement when my appointment was arranged for me by my Consultant right through the leaving after my procedure, everything went perfectly smoothly. The facilities were great, everyone was very kind and welcoming, all explanations were clear and concise, and the care was exemplary. In the kindest possible sense, I hope not to return, but if the need arises, I will have no concerns nor hesitations. Thank you for looking after me so well! "

Mr N.Simpson. Pain Management Patient

"Excellent :) Very happy with everything. Thank you. "

MRI patient August 2023

"Excellent professionalism of the staff, very well looked after. Thank you. "

Pain management patient

"I would Certainly recommend Heath Lodge for MRI scans and so forth."

MRI patient. August 2023

"Excellent. Very professional and efficient. "

Mark. MRI patient

"Christina the nurse was lovely. Very professional, kind and reassuring. "

Pain Management Patient. August 2023

"Staff were REALLY lovely and helpful and couldn't do enough for me- especially Maxine and Alex, felt really at ease and the MRI room is so relaxing. I absolutely recommend Heath Lodge to any patient seeking treatment. "

MRI Patient July 2023

"All members of staff were efficient and pleasant. Matthew explained the difference between scan and an X-Ray which I found useful. Matthew also took the time to explain the procedure and what may happen next depending on the results of the scan and the X-Ray. A very friendly, approachable man who put me at ease. "

X-Ray patient. July 2023

"Heath Lodge Clinic has a reassuring and relaxing atmosphere and the staff are very welcoming and professional. You feel that you are in good hands in a clean comfortable environment with caring efficient staff who are informative about treatments and procedures. All individuals gave me exemplary care. I thoroughly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to other patients seeking treatment. "

P. Batchelor. Pain Management Patient. July 2023

"Wish all places were like this, nice and relaxed staff very friendly and helpful always explained what's going to happen. "

Mr Wood. MRI patient.

"Fabulous service staff friendly and professional. Felt very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!"

MRI Patient July 2023

"Claire and Faye were wonderful. Everything fully explained and I was made to feel welcome. Keep up the good work!"

MRI patient. July 2023

"This is my third visit and I have been impressed every time by the courtesy and friendliness of all the staff on each occasion. I highly recommend Heath Lodge."

Pain Management patient.

"I thought overall it was a lovely experience. Not what I expected at all. I cannot speak highly enough. Environment and staff made me feel like I was here for a Spa treatment rather than medical. Superb. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you. "

MRI Patient

"I would highly recommend Heath Lodge clinic to anyone as the service and professionalism provided was superb. I felt very anxious prior to my scan as never having experienced MRI before, felt daunted. As soon as I spoke to your staff, I felt immediately at ease. The facilities were spotlessly clean and comfortable. Obviously being 5 mins from my home helped enormously but I feel I would have travelled further knowing what was on offer on arrival. Many thanks again, Kate Williams "

Kate Williams. MRI patient

"Thank you for your friendliness and professionalism. It has made the experience very easy. "

Pain management patient

"Lovely people looking after me. Thank you. "

Pain Management patient. July 2023.

"Excellent. I was very happy with my treatment "

Pain Management patient July 2023

"Staff all excellent and caring. "

Margaret. Pain management patient.

"Everybody has been kind, caring, informative and generous with their time. I could not have asked for more. "

Pain management patient. July 2023

"Extremely welcoming, calming informative nurses made sure my needs were met. "

Pain management patient

"I was very impressed by the quality and timeliness of your service, excellent from start to finish. "

Tony, Sutton Coldfield.

"Excellent service. "

Pain Management patient. June 2023

"I recently needed to have an X-Ray, and for my own peace of mind wanted it done ASAP. My GP advised that there was a long wait on the NHS, so I decided to go privately at Heath Lodge. I was able to get a X-Ray organised quickly. On the day the service was polite, professional and on time! My results were back to my GP on a timely basis and I was relieved that all was OK. "

X-Ray patient. June 2023

"I recently utilised the services at Heath Lodge Clinic for an MRI scan due to a persisting hip issue. Opting for a self-pay scheme, I was quickly referred to their specialist team. The responsiveness of the clinic's staff was commendable, with a call back received the very next day. The efficiency didn't stop there. I had an appointment scheduled for the day following the call, which was much quicker than I had anticipated. The logistical aspects of the experience were also handled smoothly. The clinic had ample parking, which made the process stress-free right from the start. Upon arrival, the clinic's reception was well-organised. I was called in right away, showcasing their punctuality and regard for the patient's time. It was evident that Heath Lodge Clinic places a great deal of emphasis on the patient experience. The MRI room was pleasant, with mood lighting that created a calming atmosphere. Overall, my experience at Heath Lodge Clinic was a good one. Their efficiency, thoughtfulness, and patient-centric approach made a marked difference. It's a healthcare provider that I would certainly recommend to anyone in need of similar services. Their attention to detail, from the practical elements like parking and appointment scheduling to the comforting environment of the MRI room, ensures a positive experience for every patient. "


"Service was excellent from booking into procedure- Christina was very reassuring."

Pain Management Patient. June 2023.

"Nice facility, neat and clean. Good people. "

MRI Patient. June 2023

"The X-Ray guy explained and reassured on the process. "

MSH, Birmingham.

"Mel and Christina were excellent as were the rest of the staff. I most definitely would recommend any of my family or friends to be treated in Heath Lodge Clinic "

Pain Management patient.

"Claire was so lovely with my Dad. Thank you! My Dad was treated so lovely and I’m a great believer that must be recognised."

Alison M. MRI patient.

"Nice facility, very neat and clean. Good people. "

MRI patient June 2023

"At another provider, I had a brain mri scan it was the end of the day at the clinic the air con had stopped working it was very warm and I didn’t know what to expect. I had my first ever panic attack. I then had a shoulder mri at another provider and wasn’t treated very well as I was again having a panic attack. They eventually found a pair of prism glasses which helped. So when I came to your clinic I was wiring myself up and ready to have a meltdown and a panic attack! I was put at ease straightaway even when you didn’t have any prism glasses which I’d asked for! But the lady who did my scan was lovely and explained everything. The aircon was perfect and the temperature in the room was great she even added fans. Also I felt that you machines were bigger and not as claustrophobic "

Claustrophobic patient: MRI scan

"Very efficient. I am also happy to recommend people to use Heath lodge if they need treatment. It was very clean and well presented and the staff were very efficient and polite. "

H.Farrell. MRI patient

"Radiographer was very professional and friendly. And I would recommend the clinic to others - indeed, I will soon be back myself for x-ray and MRI"

A. Fraser

"Excellent. Claire was my contact on the site. Made me feel at ease and the process was very smooth. The lady was lovely and treatment was enjoyable. "

MRI patient. Mr Kelly

"Felt very comfortable, the two ladies were very professional and lovely too! Thank you. "

MRI patient June 2023

"Everyone there is so warm and caring, very reassuring, they definitely make you feel at ease and that you’re in good hands. They make it very clear that your comfort and well being is front and centre to them. I had a very successful first experience and don’t believe there’s anywhere better. "

L.Hughes. Pain management patient June 2023

"Cannot fault the care I have received. Dr F. Duncan was excellent - polite, thorough and informative as were all the staff. "

Mr D. Lodge

"I rarely write reviews and confine them only to when I find something extremely good or when I am incensed by an unfair review that someone else has posted! I send this one now as my recent experiences of the Heath Lodge Clinic have exceeded my expectations. I attended firstly for an MRI on my knee. Your staff were welcoming and solicitous as to any concerns I might have about the procedure. Earphones were given to me to lessen the noises made by the machine and a buzzer to press should I need the process to be stopped for any reason. It took approximately 15 minutes and was totally comfortable. A disc with the images taken was given to me before I left and the comprehensive report and recommendations followed some days later. As a result of the MRI I attended for steroid injections about which I was apprehensive and wondered if they would be very painful. They were merely slightly uncomfortable for a start. The radiographer who carried out the ultra sound injections explained the procedure in detail before she started and took every precaution to avoid infection and the nurse who looked after me couldn’t have been kinder. It was explained that I might experience some pain in the days following and if so to take standard painkillers. I experienced no pain afterwards and had no need to do so. Two or three days after the procedure my knee started to feel easier and now a week later it is pain free. Heath Lodge Clinic is a wonderful relaxed place and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for this sort of treatment. With best wishes Yours sincerely Paddy Ellis "

P.Ellis. Knee MRI and pain relieving steroid injections.

"My husband has been off work for 7 months after a car accident, he had treatment at Heath Lodge for pain management and has now returned to work within 9 days of receiving his treatment. The staff are efficient, friendly and welcoming and we’re so relieved that we took this option for treatment."

Mrs Wakelam. Pain Management.

"Efficient, pleasant experience before and after procedure. Friendly and calming during procedure. "

Pain management patient, June 2023

"Excellent as the entire procedure was effortless and genuine caring staff thank you so much. "

Pain management patient, June 2023

"I would most certainly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic. Furthermore, from the time I arrived until I could leave to go home everything went smoothly. Many thanks to all the medical team. Marvellous."

Pain management patient, May 2023

"I was really happy with the whole experience, thank you. "

Pain management patient. May 2023

"I can't imagine how you could improve. "

Mr Rolinson. Pain Management patient. May 2023

"Always well looked after by kind, friendly and caring staff. "

J.Tuby. Pain Mangement patient

"I would just like to say thankyou to all the staff at the Heath Lodge clinic. I have struggled with claustrophobia and being anxious for a long time and this has stopped me having an MRI scan in the past. I have tried at the NHS and also the Trucks that come with an MRI scanner in them but have had no luck. What I have found is that the people that run them just need you in and out ASAP so they can get lots done in one day and can not spend quality time with you and the MRI scanner is small. When you go to Heath lodge you are made to feel at ease straight away. You have a nice waiting room and are greeted with a smile at reception. When it's time for your MRI the Radiographer comes to collect you and takes you down for the MRI. She takes you in the room with the Scanner and at all times is very softly spoken and very reassuring and explains everything. The scanner is bigger than the NHS ones so it's still hard to do but the Staff make the difference and make you feel at ease at all times. I would recommend Heath lodge clinic to anyone that struggles with claustrophobia and being anxious. Kind Regards "

Claustrophobic/ anxious MRI Patient: May 2023

"I originally contacted the Heath Lodge Clinic to enquire about having an MRI - I was extremely nervous about having my MRI due to feeling very claustrophobic and suffering with anxiety anyway. From the moment I spoke with the front of house team, I was made to feel at ease - Jayne in particular was brilliant, spent time with me on the phone talking me through the process and re-assuring me along the way. On the day of the scan itself, I was seen promptly by the lovely radiography team and talked through the process and safety questions. Upon lying down and entering the machine I initially went into panic mode and was unsure I'd be able to proceed, however the team (Nicole and Claire) were absolutely fantastic - they helped me breathe, calm down and re-assured me - they ensured I was comfortable and then we got started. The team talked me through every part of the process over intercom, checking on me after every scan, and keeping me informed as to how long each one was - to my surprise I managed to get through the whole scan! I absolutely wouldn’t have gotten through this scan without the help of Nicole and Claire and I am so thankful for their support and re-assurance. Thank you Heath Lodge Team!!"

K.Gibbons. Claustrophobic and anxious patient. May 2023

"I was really happy with the whole experience, thank you. "

Pain management patient.

"Very helpful and kind ladies. I found the premises to be very clean and that I would highly recommend Heath Lodge to other patients"

G. Spencer. April 2023

"Everyone has been very kind and helpful. Felt totally at ease throughout."


"Polite, efficient staff. Clean professional facilities. The service is excellent at Heath Lodge."


"I would certainly recommend you. Everything first class from start to finish."

MRI patient April 2023

"The whole process was as good as I would want it to being I had organised the treatment myself. Incredibly client focussed, courteous, everyone knew what they were doing and extremely good value. Would highly recommend for anyone needing to have an MRI scan. "

Paul Lawrence

"I felt that everything was explained clearly and thoroughly. The team were incredibly patient and I felt no pressure re sedation or when I went in fore the scan. Extremely professional, empathetic, helpful and supportive. Also spending 10 minutes in the scanner room prior to scan really helped me to feel at ease., and having the image at the back really helped. Thank you. "

3T MRI patient.

"Excellent :) Great Staff"

M.Bishton. MRI Patient. April 2023

"I recently attended Heath Lodge Clinic for a scan (MRI), and was very impressed with the service I received. My appointment ran on time and staff were friendly and helpful. The building itself is welcoming, with plenty of parking (and a good cup of coffee was available too!) (may need another scan soon – so we’ll be back!) "

MRI patient. April 2023

"The staff at Heath Lodge were very welcoming and professional. The whole experience was easy and relaxing from start to finish! I would highly recommend Heath Lodge to anyone who requires an MRI scan."

MRI patient

"I thought the nurse who did my MRI scan was very helpful and reassuring, and I appreciated the clinic’s efforts to keep the patients safe."

MRI patient April 2023

"I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable with what was going on. Christina and Christina were very friendly and professional, as were all staff. I was pleased to wake to a nice coffee and my favourite biscuits!"

Pain Management patient. March 2023

"Very good! Staff explained everything thoroughly. Thank you. My experience was a very good one. Everyone was very friendly and attentive and everything was explained to me . I felt comfortable throughout . If I should need another MRI scan in the future I would have no hesitation in using you and would also recommend you to friends and relatives. "

C. Sutton.

"I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the whole team at Heath Lodge Clinic. I was contacted very promptly after my referral was sent and booked in at my convenience. The staff were all friendly and welcoming and put me at ease. The report from the scan came through quickly and was very detailed and informative. I would highly recommend Heath Lodge. Thank you. My thanks to Dr Beale and all at Heath Lodge Best wishes "

MRI patient. Dr Grieve.

"From making the initial phone call right through to having the scan within in less than a week, went like clockwork. The clinic was easy to find and that staff could not have been more helpful/ professional and excellent customer service. I would certainly recommend. "

J.Hawkes. February 2023

"I would just like to extend a very big thank you to everyone at Heath Lodge Clinic who went above and beyond my expectations when I had a late night emergency with pains in both legs. I found the whole experience very reassuring that in these difficult times in health care that there is someone there when needed. I was immediately put at ease on my arrival and received excellent care and attention from all the staff I came into contact with. The MRI experience was fully explained and I was made comfortable whilst receiving the scan. I have since had a great recommendation for follow up treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Heath Lodge to anyone seeking prompt and professional diagnostic imaging in immaculate comfortable surrounding. Thanks again to all the staff. "

Mr R.C. MRI Patient January 2023

"My Consultant recommended your clinic as a very cost effective and efficient service. I was impressed by the whole service I received, and the prompt production of my MRI on a disc to take away with me. Well organised, clean, tidy. Excellent service, thank you. "

Anne. MRI patient

"Made to feel welcome and relaxed, very friendly. I was looked after so well and treated like you really cared for comfort. All of your staff spoke to me politely and kindly and I would strongly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to anyone who feels a little anxiety when going to see doctors or specialists. I will definitely be using you again ?"

Anxious MRI patient. December 2022

"The MRI was quick and made me feel very comfy. The team at Heath Lodge Clinic were extremely friendly and kind. They kept me calm and at ease during my MRI and answered any questions I had. If anyone asked for recommendations I would definitely suggest Heath Lodge Clinic. "

C. Lyall

"Friendly staff. Clean site. Lovely. Every part of the experience put me at ease and made me comfortable. Specific care was taken to ensure I understood exactly what to expect at every stage. The attentive staff were courteous and professional throughout from the reception greeting to the scan to my departure. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Heath Lodge Clinic"

MRI Patient November 2022

"Friendly, informative staff. Clean clinic. Excellent ?"

Ms D.Hodges

"It was a very pleasant experience with with friendly staff. "

MRI patient. November 2022

"Excellent ? everyone here- from trying to book an appointment to having the MRI completed- has been fabulous. "

Mrs J. MRI patient

"I was looked after so well and treated like you really cared for comfort. All of your staff spoke to me politely and kindly and I would strongly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic to anyone who feels a little anxiety when going to see doctors or specialists. I will definitely be using you again ? "

MRI Patient October 2022

"I am more than happy to say how impressed I was by the way one of your team (whose name I unfortunately did not take a note of) dealt with my husbands recent visit to your clinic. On arriving he decided once inside he was not going to have the much needed MRI scan that was booked for him due to his fear of actually getting into the scanner (he has a fear of being enclosed). We left the building and I told him how disappointed I was after driving him to his appointment only for him to refuse to go ahead. He then went back into the clinic and was persuaded by a lovely member of your team to not only take a look at the scanner but to go ahead and have it done, her patience and powers of persuasion were second to none. She’s an absolute definite asset to you and I would not hesitate to highly recommend your clinic to anyone in need of a scan. "


"I had to write and compliment you and your staff. My first experience with MRI scans was probably one of the most horrific. Through the NHS with professional medically trained staff who had little if no idea of The human side to MRI scanning Your staff from the minute I parked in the car park through reception to your radiographers. These two ladies were amazing. Greeting me within minutes of me walking into your quiet comfortable and exquisite Waiting area ! Right through the whole experience ! I came in absolutely terrified and went out walking on Air I do like excellent caring service and your clinic provides. Rest assured your prices are well below the extortionate private hospitals. I shall be recommending you to all my fellow Friends and relatives of a certain age that are in need of such a service . I must tell you walking out with a dvd of my MRI Scan saved me from a long wait and gave the surgeon much needed early warning to fix my problem . Which he did Thank you. Please keep up the good work . Very best wishes "

Mr J.Chapman

"Very nice welcome and procedure efficient. Excellent ?"

MRI patient

"I found my experience at the Heath Lodge clinic seamless from start to finish. Staff at each level were helpful and professional. Everything possible was done to make me feel at ease and for my comfort, even changing the music during my treatment ! The procedure was explained at every stage and I felt safe and secure in very capable hands. I highly recommend Heath Lodge and I shall not hesitate to use their services in future." "


"Heath Lodge Clinic was beyond my expectations. I was met at the door by Claire and her team who immediately put me at ease. My MRI scan went very smoothly so thank you all very much. "

Mrs P.M. September 2022

"I was very impressed with all aspects of the care my son received, he is eight and the prospect of going to a clinic in unfamiliar surroundings must have been a little overwhelming even for a boy who on the outside seems confident and take most things in his stride. The staff immediately put him at ease, discussed the whole process with him. The diagnosis was made and a referral to GP within mins of us leaving the clinic. This enabled the next stage of treatment to be planned and processed very promptly. George underwent surgery 8 weeks after his scan and is now three weeks into recovery, he is doing extremely well. Walking without crutches and building strength in his knee. We are extremely grateful to the staff at Heath Lodge Clinic for their care and professionalism which played a vital role in my son's treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the services of Heath lodge clinic. Kind regards "

Paediatric MRI scan. Mr HB.

"I have visited the clinic for both an MRI scan & also X-ray. On both occasions I found the team to be welcoming, professional yet friendly. Both procedures were explained fully & as I was nervous about the MRI they were especially considerate with regards to making me feel at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend Heath Lodge Clinic. "

Ms D.Loveridge September 2022

"Fantastic, friendly, helpful staff, no waiting around A+++++ .... you have something great there at Heath Lodge, credit to you all. I would highly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic for anybody seeking treatment, after being referred there myself I was delighted with the walm welcome, and was comforted by the friendly and efficient staff who made the whole experience a pleasant one. "

Mr P.Hanks. MRI patient.

"Excellent ?"

Mr S.Marshall

"All the staff are so welcoming and professional! Parking is excellent. I came to the clinic a few years ago for a different reason and it was just as good then as now."

Mrs Grundy. MRI patient

"Once again, I must compliment Heath Lodge Clinic upon the level of X-Ray and Administrative Services. If I am able to identify any other exploratory avenues that may require your services I shall be in touch. Additionally, I shall be more than happy to recommend the Clinic to friends or colleagues as appropriate. "

David Bayliss. X-Ray patient. August 2022.

"I was referred to CMC Imaging by my Consultant. The entire experience was beyond expectations in so many ways. My first impression of Heath Lodge was how utterly immaculate it is. From there on, from the Reception Staff to the friendly, sympathetic and utterly professional Radiographers …wow! To say that the overall experience was deeply impressive was to understate it big time. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I knew exactly what was going to happen. Every aspect was carefully explained. The kindness and sympathy extended to me was exemplary. Thank you to all the team."

Mr P.Holloway. MRI patient July 2022

"After an emergency appointment for a scan this morning, I would like to say a very big thank you for all the kindness and consideration and help I was given today when I was aware of how busy Heath Lodge is and how grateful I was that I was seen to so promptly. The clinic is immaculate and so professionally organised, the whole experience for me, when I was in considerable pain, was such a huge relief as I was very worried about how I would cope . My particular thanks to Mandy and Charlotte who were wonderful and so careful with me, I was so impressed and extremely grateful. Please pass on my appreciation to all concerned."

MRI patient. June 2022

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Claire and her colleague, who helped me through my MRI scan this morning. Having had a very frightening MRI experience last year in hospital, today's experience at Heath Lodge was the complete opposite. From the moment I walked through the door I was treated with respect and genuine care. Claire talked me through everything so I knew what to expect and allowed me to take things at my own pace. I would thoroughly recommend this clinic and the lovely caring and compassionate staff, especially if you are a reluctant patient for any reason. Warmest regards, Ms A.B."

MRI Patient. May 2022.

"I visited the clinic yesterday for the first time for a few years and only had to wait a couple of days for an appointment. On arrival I was immediately impressed by the anti Covid protocols such as remaining in my car until invited in plus sanitisation, mask wearing, separation from other patients etc. The MRI suite was very clean and the radiographers courteous and polite throughout. Not expecting the results for a few days yet but would be happy to use this facility again should the need arise."

Mr D.R. MRI patient. May 2022

"I attended this clinic for an MRI Scan in March 2022. The scan was of my lumbar spine, pelvis and hips. This established that I was in need of a Replacement Left Hip but it was also noticed that there was an unusual mass. My GP was telephoned by the Clinic and her attention drawn to this unusual mass, just visible on the MRI Scan. After further investigations this led to a successful major Operation. I would have been none the wiser if not alerted to this situation and who knows when this may have been discovered as I was not having any symptoms. Once again, many thanks to Heath Lodge Clinic for their swift reaction and professionalism."

Stephen. MRI patient

"Claustrophobic patient - top service!   I visited Heath Lodge for an MRI yesterday on my back, after failing at another MRI due to claustrophobia. Heath Lodge were fabulous with me even before my actual appointment. However, the day came and to be honest I was terrified. My sister came along, due to possible sedation happening, but I’m so pleased to say I didn’t need the sedation in the end. Yes I was scared, BUT the actual MRI scan was nothing like my mind had pictured it. The machines are amazing but what really puts you at ease are the wonderful staff, without them it would have been a much more challenging process - I am forever grateful. Additionally, the fact they let my sister be with me and she was able to hold my shoulder and reassure me was above and beyond my expectations and really allowed me to get through the scan (alongside the regular updates and talking through the process by the consultant). Thank you so much - my experience of an MRI before that had been terrifying but you’ve done so much to ease my mind and if I need another MRI I’d certainly be back to Heath Lodge. Thank you again. J.Reid"

J.Reid. Claustrophobic MRI Patient. April 2022

"I just wanted to drop you a quick message to thank everyone involved in my treatment and aftercare this morning for the professionalism, care and kindness that I was treated with. I couldn't of wished for any more. I strongly believe that when people treat you with such kindness and care that it should be acknowledged and everyone I met at Heath Lodge from the Initial contact, to my MRI scan and through to today have all been wonderful.  In a society where people are so quick to criticise and find fault that it's really important to show appreciation for a positive experience.  I volunteer as a Mental Health First Aider and have also been volunteering alongside the hard working staff at my local GP Practice since day one of vaccination program and know how precious it is to reassure people and be warm, friendly and positive.  Working in a medical or care profession is a vocation and not just a job.   All of you at Heath Lodge Clinic do a first class job in providing not only exceptional clinical services and care but in the personal care that makes all the difference.  Thank you. "

Mr Farmer. March 2022.

"On behalf of my mother Mrs Carole Kent, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for helping her overcome her fears on having an MRI scan. As a claustrophobia sufferer, she attended your clinic on 9 March and with the help of your friendly and understanding staff managed to have the scan without sedation. Would highly recommend to anyone in a similar position. Thank you again"

Claustrophobic Patient- MRI Scan.

"As someone who suffers from claustrophobia an MRI scan is a daunting prospect, however the staff at Heath Lodge were excellent and understood the anxiety this can cause. The new scanners are fitted with a mirror/ picture system which alleviated the claustrophobic feeling completely. If ever an MRI experience can be described in positive terms, this was it. Thank you, and I mean that most sincerely"

Claustrophobic Patient

"I cannot thank the team enough for making my MRI a stress free, relaxing process. Initially I was anxious due to past bad experience elsewhere but I now feel really empowered going through that and it was down to the two radiographers, the doctor and the nurse (Sue, Claire and Caterina) who helped me in recovery after the scan. They were so calm, patient, caring- just amazing. They really looked after me and put a smile on my face. I also had a great cup of tea- something which I am really particular about- it was just what I needed! Time in the scanner flew and I even feel I could have stayed in longer- not that I wanted to! They were all fantastic and transformed what was once a stressful experience and fills me with anxiety, into something so relaxing. This has been a major accomplishment for me and its down to this team- this has been life changing for me and I think next I won't be as nervous next time. I also think the sedation helped my throat, as that is what causes me problems when I lie flat. If I ever need a procedure again that I need to be in the tunnel I will definitely be coming back. Thank you for looking after me and making this such a positive experience."

Anxious MRI patient. February 2022

"I would like to thank everyone at Heath Lodge for the  friendly and  efficient way my recent appointment was dealt with, from my first telephone enquiry to the actual MRI scan on Wednesday 9th February. I cannot thank the two Radiologists, Claire & Nicole, enough for their kindness, consideration & professionalism - without these two I would not have been able to complete the scan due to claustrophobia. I have in the past been unable to complete an MRI scan."

K.Wilkinson, Claustrophobic MRI Scan February 2022

"May I thank the 2 girls who looked after me today for my MRI scan. Really grateful for their help. Very much appreciated."

Mr Faulkner. January 2022

"Maureen has today (at last!) had a call from her GP regarding the report you sent following her MRI scan last month. I thought you should know that the GP said it was the most detailed and comprehensive report she had seen, and praised your clinic. It showed that Physiotherapy will help to alleviate Maureen’s condition. We are glad we chose your clinic (following a recommendation) and thank you for your excellent service. Best wishes from us both - and thanks again to all concerned. "

November 2021. MRI Patient.

"I attended my appointment yesterday and I would really like to say a very big thank you to your nursing staff, they were so caring and attentive and it made the experience so much easier. A huge thank you to the nurse who held my hand through the painful bits (An angel! I really hope I didn't squeeze too hard), and to everyone involved from start to finish. You have some amazing staff, and I am very grateful for the care I received. Please pass this thank you on to those involved and your practise manager, I hope you are very proud of your wonderful team! "

Pain Management patient. H.Goulding

"Wonderful, friendly and efficient service from Mandy and Claire whilst making my MRI scan surprisingly simple to complete. Thank you Heath Lodge clinic."

Mr Ellson. October 2021

"Can I also say how wonderful you all were with me, especially Sue she was amazing would not have gone through with it all without her .. and please apologise to Sue from me as I kept forgetting to breathe … thank you all again you are all amazing .. "

S.Rooprai. September 2021

""I would like to thank you for looking after me for my MRI scans on Friday 20th August. A very professional service and a facility that is excellent. Everything was spot on from how you are handling CoVid to  importantly the scans themselves.   Efficient, professional and reassuring. Can you also pass on my thanks to Dr Beale (I hope I have spelt his name correctly) for not only a professional  approach but a very human touch.   Please pass on my thanks above to all concerned."

Mr. H. August 2021

"Could you please pass on my thanks to Anne and the team at HLC, they have pulled out all the stops to get a report sent to my referrer the same day as my MRI. I have an appointment with a Consultant on the 3.8.21 and was not expecting the report for at least a week afterward.... Brilliant patient service! "

Dr M.Nanda August 2021

"I have attended Heath Lodge Clinic on a number of occasions since 2010 and upon my recommendation so have other immediate family members for a variety of reasons but all requiring MRI scans. Our experiences have been of a speedy, efficient, helpful and caring nature from all those staff members we have dealt with from the professionally qualified clinicians through to the admin staff."

Mr Parkinson. MRI Patient. July 2021

"Thank you for great care today from Maxine and her colleague. I am claustrophobic but managed fine with the scan thanks to their reassurance and confidence in what they are doing. Grateful thanks. "

Claustrophobic MRI Patient

"Back from an MRI scan at Heath Lodge Clinic. It was a very positive experience. The people who looked after me from the reception to the radiographer were all brilliant. Everything was clearly explained and not stressful at all. Thank you"

Mr McIntrye. MRI Patient. July 2021.

"This is a superb clinic. Lovely calm setting, excellent facilities, efficient, professional and friendly. Very high standards in all areas including Covid protocols. Respect and support given to patients and anxieties taken seriously! Thank you to all who looked after me."

H.Rutter. July 2021

"“I am truly grateful for your amazing levels of efficiency”. "

L. Dawson, Clinical Referrer.

"Just a quick thank you for doing my MRI scan today, as you are aware i suffer from claustrophobia and was extremely scared. You were both reassuring me and put me at ease. I can highly recommend heath lodge clinic and the excellent staff there. Thank you & well done "

Mr Blunt. Claustrophobic MRI Patient

"Very efficient xx Lovely staff xx made us feel very welcome"

Lisa. June 2021

"Thank you very much for this and can I take this opportunity to thank everyone there who helped to get me there with my fear of scanners and to make the experience such that I won’t be worried at all to have another MRI in the 3T scanner,"

Mrs C. MRI patient

"Thank you for arranging and conducting my Brain Scan yesterday (Wed 26th May at 2pm) - Your service really was impeccable and extremely professional for which I am very grateful."

Mr D.Chaplin. Brain MRI Scan

"Because I am claustrophobic I was not looking forward to this experience. However, I was met with complete kindness and care and was given all the necessary information. I decided to go-ahead and have the scan and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their excellent care and kindness."

Claustrophobic Patient

"your clinic combines the correct ambience with staff who are courteous and efficient, making this an altogether pleasant and beneficial experience for me. I recognize professionalism when I see it."

GP Referrer & Patient

"I would just like to pass on my thanks for making me feel at ease when I came for an MRI scan on Weds the 5th of May, I came to you for the open MRI machine after not being able to go through with a normal size MRI due to Claustrophobia/ Anxiety Sue the Radiographer made me feel at ease as soon she met me in reception and carried on to do so all the way through, everything was explained step by step and nothing was rushed. I also got the same attention from another Lady that was in the scanning room (sorry I have forgotten her name). Dr Beale was also very nice and reassuring. My experience here has taken away some of the feeling I’ve had since trying to be put into a normal MRI machine, this will certainly be the place for me to go if I need any more MRI procedures. "

Ms J. White: Claustrophobic/ Anxious patient

"I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of service, both clinically and personally, provided to my patients and myself. I can truthfully say that in 30 years of working as a chiropractor I have never experienced a better specialist medical service"

Heath Lodge Clinic Patient

"I would just like to thank all the staff that helped me through my MRI yesterday.. you were fantastic.. thank you so much"

Heath Lodge Clinic Patient

"I had a MRI Brain scan at your wonderful clinic last Thursday (March 7th 2019). I felt I had to put pen to paper to express my profound thanks to the marvellous staff you have. I was extremely nervous, and the staff were all so very kind and thoughtful- a total asset to your practice. I would like to pass on my many thanks. "

MRI Brain Scan Patient

"Great place, I’ve been to this clinic on several occasions for MRI scans. Excellent service, fast results, very professional service, the ability to self-pay. Would definitely use this clinic and service again, quicker than the NHS! Minimum waiting time, virtually made an appointment and got in the next day made it so easy to get scans and competitively priced."

Mr Gary Beasley, Staffordshire. (name used with consent).

"Following an MRI which was completed around a year ago, I had reason to request that Heath Lodge Clinic electronically transfer the information to my Consultant in London.... In speaking to the clinic a year on they were most helpful and happy to transfer the material as requested…. (which arrived at my home the very next day). I was delighted with their friendly and very professional service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

MRI scan patient

"Called Heath Lodge this week to arrange a scan for my husband at short notice and was successfully helped in doing so by Beryl. She was amazing as an appointment with the consultant the following day would have been pointless really without the scans but she managed to fit him in so that there was something for the consultant to see. Thank you so much Beryl."

Short notice appointment availability. September 2020. Jo.H

"A ‘thank you’ to everyone at the Clinic who participated in my back injection on Friday. A most professional and caring procedure. I was also most impressed by the friendliness of all staff and by the standards of cleanliness in the building with colleagues consistently cleaning surfaces. I never felt troubled by the pandemic. All the best to you all Mr Cole"

Mr Cole. Pain Management Services. February 2021

"“Firstly I had an urgent need for an MRI. From the very moment of contact to the MRI itself on 18th August 2020 I have been treated with such kindness, empathy and just downright decency by every single person I have had the pleasure to speak to - and eventually - to meet. When one is feeling vunerable with often our own version of what MAY be wrong it's a joy to be met with kindness. I was vunerable with health issues and TERRIFIED of the MRI scan that was to prove of such great value. I'm claustrophobic. From that first phone call I was reassured all would be well. I tried to believe them. My appointment time came and I was sick to my stomach nervous! I needn't have been. The scanner was wide and short and both ends open. I was talked to all the way through. Apart from when I was singing! The Radiographer was perfect. Then ...... came the need for a DXA scan. On the 19th September. Different operator same high standard of care and concern. She had the patience of a saint and did her utmost to do her most important job without causing my painful bones more stress! Bless her. Furthermore....... can there be MORE? YES there is!! I needed the copy report of my MRI and my GP wouldn't send it to me!! Following necessary protocol the lovely bookings girl sent it to me! She phoned and let me know she'd do it. She went above and beyond. I shan't forget her kindness. And she was up against a very tight time frame indeed. Thank you to all there at Heath Lodge Clinic. And to prospective new patients..... you're in good hands. In more ways than one.” "

Mrs Horton. Claustrophobic patient

"I am passing on a message of gratitude from a number of patients I have referred recently. They’ve had nothing but lovely things to say about their experiences visiting your clinic. Many thanks, Tony – Rugby Osteopathic Centre"

Tony – Rugby Osteopathic Centre. February 2021

"Had a MRI scan at Heath Lodge Clinic on Wednesday November 4th 2020 at 9.30am. Staff were brilliant, the place was brilliant, the scanner was so very much better than the out of Noah's Ark scanners in the West Midlands NHS hospitals. Quite simply I am very claustrophobic so I could not use the NHS scanners but I had no problem at all at Heath Lodge, and did not need sedating. Believe me If I can use their scanner with my claustrophobia, you can too. Furthermore, less than 3 hours after the scan the results were with my Consultant and I have an appointment to see my consultant on November 6th 2020. You can't get much quicker than that. I could not praise Heath Lodge enough, absolutely first class. Mr Shipley, Darlaston, West Midlands. November 5th 2020.(name used with consent)"

Mr Shipley, Darlaston, West Midlands.

"I recently had the need to undergo an MRi scan and was very concerned about the timings due to the ongoing pandemic crisis and it’s effect on the provision of services. I therefore contacted Heath Lodge Clinic who bent over backwards to arrange for me to have my scan done as quickly as possible and with the appropriate technicians. Not always easy to organize I am sure in the best of times. I dealt with their representative almost daily for a week and liaised with her via e-mail; throughout the process I found the support, kindness and the fact that Sarah was as eager as me to organize an appointment second to none. Heath Lodge no doubt is an efficient, well organized clinic that clearly employs only the best of staff and for that I wish to affirm how pleased I am that I used their services lately."

Mrs S. MRI Scan

"I really struggle with claustrophobia. I was dreading the MRI scan but the staff that helped me on the day were incredible. To my surprise, I managed to go through with the scan and did it without using sedation. This was mostly down to the assurances and assistance the staff gave me so I’d like to pass my thanks on to all concerned. It made the whole experience much easier for me. "

Rob C. Warwickshire. March 2021. Claustrophobic patient

"Firstly i wanted to say how impressed i was with my recent visit to Heath Lodge for my recent shoulder MRI. It ran very smoothly & exactly on time, the radiographer was really friendly and the MRI room itself (i loved the lights!) was very impressive. I felt reassured that so many precautions had been put in place to ensure both mine and the staff's safety, given the current COVID crisis. Many thanks once again, Mikki (Michelle) Senior"

Mikki Senior. Chiropractor

"Heath Lodge Clinic came highly recomended by my neurologist. It meant travelling by train/taxi from Worcestershire but, was so worth the journey knowing they have one of the very latest 3D scanners I think(?) in the country. I don't suffer from claustrophobia but for anyone who does or have other concerns I am sure you will find their 3D scanner a pleasant experience. You are able to lay back & watch relaxing images on a screen along with relaxing music in the background (how good is that?!) there is also a timer so you can watch & know how long each part of the scan will take. The whole process was only 30mins including the preparation before & after. Most segments of the scan were as quick as a few minutes. The clinic is not "clinical" as one would think but more like stepping into someones home! The place was spotlessly clean in all areas & very strict covid measures are in place. I had never heard of this clinic before & as someone who has had numerous scans over the years in private hospitals in the Birmingham area I do think we patients are very fortunate to have this "gem" of a clinic in the Midlands. The time it takes out of ones day to get a scan done is very small in view of what follows - a diagnosis leading to (in some cases) life saving treatment, or like me new medication & peace of mind following health concerns. The results were with my consultant ready for a telephone consultation within less than 7 working days. "

Susan. Worcestershire

"I would highly recommend Heath Lodge Clinic for anyone nervous or worried about having an MRI scan, I was instantly put at ease by the friendly understanding staff and wouldn’t hesitate if I needed to book again."

B.Fowler. MRI Scan

"I have been a patient at Heath Lodge for several years . Their open ended scanners have enabled me to have several lumbar spine MRI scans despite my severe claustrophobia. However I was very apprehensive about a cervical (upper spine / neck) MRI and I booked sedation . I am overjoyed to say that due to the use of an ingenious mirrored device - which fools the brain! - alongside the empathy of the staff I was able to undergo this MRI without sedation . In fact as I was lying there I actually thought ‘I could lie here all day long ‘ My claustrophobia is pretty extreme so I would encourage anyone - before your sedation at least ask to give the mirrors a go, they worked for me !!! ( **I had previously failed with mirror glasses at an NHS scan, the Heath Lodge gizmo is completely different) Thank you Heath Lodge staff"

Madeleine. Claustrophobic Patient. March 2021

"I had an MRI scan for my lower back at Health Lodge Clinic after being referred by my chiropractor as I was in constant pain. The results from this has lead myself to have a better way of life. All the staff were very helpful and made me feel at ease. I’m very grateful and would highly recommend them to anyone considering treatment. Thank you again."

R.Simpson. April 2021.

"When I arrived at the clinic I received a warm friendly welcome. During the scan all of the staff were very professional and explained the whole process of what the scan entailed. I felt very comfortable and overall it was a very positive patient experience. Would definitely recommend and thank you to all the staff. "

Knee scan. Mr Brian G. 12th March 2020

""I just wanted to say that I was absolutely delighted with the service I received yesterday. I first had an MRI scan around 15 years ago with the sort of machines that were available at the time and it was one of the most uncomfortable, claustrophobic experiences I have ever experienced. The modern, open machine, you used yesterday with the more open design was absolutely no problem at all. I would also like to extend my thanks to the staff at the clinic. From the original booking right through to the actual treatment I was treated with the utmost professionalism with each stage being carefully explained before and during the scan. Well done." "

Mr H. Claustrophobic patient. April 2021.

"An outstanding service from start to finish. I brought my mother in for an emergency MRI scan on her spine, she was in significant pain on arrival and was extremely anxious about the MRI itself and the result. She was greeted with unquestionable kindness, empathy and understanding. The warmth and care shown from all the staff instantly eased my mothers anxiety. The MRI itself was swift and every measure was taken to make her as comfortable as possible. The consultation that followed was informative and lead with true compassion. It was a scary time for both myself and my mother and we are so incredibly grateful for the calm and kind manner the situation and options were explained to us by Dr Beale along with the speed in which the measures required to action emergency surgery happened. The report was with the hospital by the time we arrived, an exceptional turn around and a true testament to how much they care for their patient. To be able to offer such compassionate, kind and expert service during "normal times" is a credit but being able to provide this level during covid safe measure is beyond outstanding. We will be forever grateful for the service we received at Heath Lodge Clinic and could not recommend it more highly. Thank you."

R.Arbuckle. Emergency MRI.

"I would like to share my experience visiting the Heath Lodge Clinic for an MRI scan on my back. I suffer from the worst type of claustrophobia. I cannot even wear a watch or a ring. In the past I have had a total of 6 MRI scans which were absolutely horrendous and terrifying. I never stopped shaking and sweating throughout. From the first contact with the Heath Lodge Clinic I was reassured by the very professional and friendly receptionist. On arrival at the Heath Lodge Clinic I shook from head to toe, all the staff realised I was absolutely terrified. Everything was clearly explained to me. They gave me every reassurance possible. The doctor administered the sedation, the next thing I knew was that the MRI scan was complete approximately 35 minutes later. I was taken out of the scanner and sat in a reclining chair and gave a very nice cup of tea and a selection of biscuits. If the need ever arises for me to have another MRI scan I would definitely only go to the Heath Lodge Clinic. The reason being they are the best of the best and at every opportunity have the patients interest at heart demonstrating team concept in everything they do. May I take this opportunity to thank them all in their marvellous way they looked after me. I will never be terrified to have another MRI scan again, words cannot express how much I appreciated your professional support. "

Mr Berrill. Claustrophobic MRI patient.

"Writing to thank you for looking after me yesterday. Mandy, Ugo & the receptionists were lovely & efficient. "

MRI scan patient 21st May 2021

"Friendly and efficient, would highly recommend"

Kelly. May 2021

"Would highly recommended. An professional, efficient and friendly service. Appointment was quick to organise and i went in for my scan on time. I would use this service again."

Tina, May 2021

"“ I have extreme anxiety when I have to leave the house at the minute due to my weight and being constantly ridiculed by complete strangers that I have resulted to staying indoors and not mixing with anyone, so todays appointment was a lot for me to do. As soon as I met Claire at the door, she completely put me at ease with her warm friendly manner and told me each process before doing it so I knew what I had to do! When I went into the scan room Claire and the other lady helped me so much and didn't make me feel self-conscious or embarrassed about my appearance. They spoke to me and constantly made sure I was ok in the scanner and just let me know they were there. These 2 ladies are a credit to your company and I really can't thank them enough, so to whoever receives this e-mail if you could once again thank them for me, and apologise to the lady whose name I have forgotten. I now know that if for any reason I have to go through this again that I will have absolutely nothing to worry about." Ms Green. “ "

Ms Green. Anxious Patient

"Highly recommend. Have referred patients here and very impressed with availability of appointments, great customer service and excellent quality of reporting. Thank you"

Osteopath Clinical Referrer. Julia. July 2020

"Dear Dr.Beale, As you know, I and my colleagues at the Edgbaston Physiotherapy Clinic have been using your imaging services at Heath Lodge for more than 10 years. You have become our first choice because we find the quality and thoroughness of your reporting on imaging procedures is always first-class. Thank you very much! "

Physiotherapy referrer- Edgbaston. June 2020

"The girls have been absolutely fantastic, and although I know I may have been a pain constantly calling them whilst I was getting to grips with running the admin for the MSK clinic while our other administrators were furloughed, they were always more than happy to help and went above and beyond to assist me. They really are a credit to Heath Lodge!"

Local medical clinic/referrer, Solihull. May 2020