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Ultrasound Patient Information

How soon can I have a scan?

Appointments are generally available within a few days subject to the availability of the Consultant or Sonographer.

Do I need a referral?

For all diagnostic scans undertaken at Heath Lodge Clinic we ask for a clinical referral from either your GP, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or Podiatrist.

The reason we ask for a clinical referral is due to the fact that we are a diagnostic centre and generally only see patients as one-off occasion.

Our Consultants welcome the background clinical detail provided by their professional colleagues who will have assessed the patient and have more of an appreciation as to why any investigation is required.

 We then have background detail of the area being scanned and can cross reference this with the patient at the point of booking an appointment. Written referrals give clear direction on the scan and avoids any misunderstanding or misrepresentation.

This detail also forms part of our safety check procedures for any investigation. Written detail also avoids any doubt in terms of the areas being investigated and the cost involved.

Safety Questions

As part of the appointment process we’ll run through a few safety questions to make sure we can proceed with an MRI scan. Some conditions, listed below, may prevent us from offering you an appointment:

  • Heart pacemakers
  • Neurostimulators
  • Head aneurysm clips
  • First three months of pregnancy
  • Certain heart valves or other implants

Please note that metal implants such as hip or knee replacements or metal plates, which have been inserted after certain fractures, are MR safe but we will need to discuss the options with you before you attend an appointment.

Following your appointment, a copy of our technical report will be sent to your referrer. They will liaise with you to discuss further advice or treatment options necessary

Other Useful Ultrasound Information

Single area abdominal scan and Urinary ultrasounds require a full bladder requiring the patient to drink a litre of water / squash half to one hour before appointment and arrive with a full bladder.

Gynaecology 2 areas scan =-Abdominal scan is performed with a full bladder / Per Vaginal (the internal) scan once the bladder has been emptied.

 For abdominal scans of the organs gallstones/ liver etc. the patient is normally advised to have clear fluids only for 4 hours. Tea or coffee without milk or squash. If the patient our Nurse Quality Manager may need to speak to you for additional information